David Ray Photography specializes in weddings, anniversaries, and other such events. I am also available for on-location engagement sessions, and family portraits. I strive for the best quality and will not give up until you, the customer feel that you have exactly what you came for.

Why not use my Uncle Sal and his expensive new camera?

While it's true that camera technology has come a long way, what you get with David Ray Photography doesn't come with the best camera money can buy. David Ray Photography brings years of wedding photography experience and training to turn ordinary photos into beautiful portraits that you will cherish for years to come. A keen eye, years of experience, and technical training allow me to create the right images just for you! Years after your wedding day, when you look back at your wedding images, you will be thankful that you chose a professional photographer. Let your relatives and friends enjoy this special day with you and leave the job to David Ray Photography!

My Services

Wedding Photography

One of the most important events in your life is your wedding day! That's why it is so important to choose a photographer that understands the intricacies involved in a wedding. It's also important that your photographer has the right eye in order to create images that will turn your memories into lifetime keepsakes.

On-Location Portraits

Whether it's an engagement session, family portraits, or whatever you have in mind, David Ray Photography is prepared to meet your needs. Whether in-doors or out-doors, David Ray Photography is prepared with all the right equipment, imagination, and creativity.